v3 is coming!

Apologies, it’s been a while since we’ve given an update. Last Spring, we sold out our backlog of Core kits due to Raspberry Pi’s becoming virtually Unobtainium since early 2022. We regrouped to plan v3. We’ve invested a lot of work, prototypes are working great and the project as a whole is coming along quite nicely.

What have we improved? Quite a lot actually…

  • v3 will allow Solder-less assembly
  • Support for pi4, and soon pi5!  (Think: more simultaneous plugins, NAM usage, configure for reduced latency, etc.)
  • Yes, it supports NAM and Aida-X profiling, and IR loading for Cabinets and Spaces!
  • 2.8” Color TFT LCD (60% larger than v2)
  • New/Improved LCD User Interface
  • New sleek custom enclosure
  • 4 footswitches with new customizable actions (including two-switch and tap-tempo)
  • 3 Assignable Tweak knobs
  • Addressable multi-color LED’s for footswitches and Clipping/VU indicators
  • Headphone Output
  • Improved Noise (optimized signal routing)
  • Exposed i2C port for connecting external hardware
  • New Global EQ
  • Much improved software installation
  • Plugin Store available via web based MOD-UI
  • No Terminal/SSH required for typical use, but still available for those who want it

When will it be available? Short Answer: We’re not sure yet. Likely by February, but since v3 will be a more refined (less hacker-space) level product, there are more part sourcing and manufacturing details to work out, more quality control, better documentation, etc. Some of that is beyond our control. In the meantime, we’re finishing up our software/firmware support, creating new build and usage guides and preparing for the pent-up demand.

We’ll be posting updates here as we get more clarity.

Because of the many v3 improvements, we won’t be restocking v2 kits, but if you own a v2 or original v1, you too can likely benefit from many of the software features we’ll be merging in soon.

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  1. I was late to catch the news and it’s an WOW!

    yeah time has passed since the last pistomp and the NAM changed everything…

    Will be stayed in tune. cheers!

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