Yes, we’re sold out but…

Raspberry Pi’s have been virtually sold out world wide since the beginning of 2022. We got a batch of 50 last summer from the RPi foundation which kept me able to send kits for a while, but those have run out. pi-Stomp without a pi, is not too exciting so I stopped stocking parts for kits. Sorry.

There is hope that RPi’s will become somewhat more available later this year. In preparation for that, I’ve been designing pi-Stomp v3 which will include some new features and the kits will be easier to build with no soldering required (just plug together a bunch of boards, screw things together, connect a few wires, etc.). We’re partnering with a company to make manufacturing/part-sourcing/marketing, etc. easier too.

Once v3 is getting close to becoming reality, I’ll post an update here.

If you’ve got a v2 or v1, don’t worry. We’ll continue to support and update the software. In fact, we’ve got a few new features which we’ll release later this year.

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