pi-Stomp Core

pi-Stomp Core is a very customizable, High Definition Multi-Effects Platform for guitar, bass and keyboards

You build the hardware from a kit with very detailed instructions

The software is all free and open source

MOD UI showing pedalboard

Using pi-Stomp

  • Edit your virtual pedalboards via computer/tablet using the MOD web app

  • Choose from 350+ effects, models & synths. Download new ones, even code your own

  • Connect a MIDI keyboard to control 46+ sound generator modules

  • Play on stage, at home, in the studio (no computer/tablet required)

  • Switch pedalboards, presets and settings using footswitches, knobs or external hardware

Customizable Hardware Platform

Plugable headers allow easy addition of controls and swapping components including:

  • 8 analog inputs for attaching software assignable knobs, expression pedals, sensors, etc.

  • 5 debounced switch inputs for adding assignable footswitches or pushbuttons

  • UART header for attaching DIN MIDI In/Out

  • Up to 5 multi-purpose GPIO’s can be used for output (LED’s, etc.) or digital inputs (3 if UART is used for MIDI)

  • The LCD, Audio card and Pi can even be swapped for other models


  • Raspberry pi 1.4 Ghz, 64-bit, quad-core processor

  • Dual ins & outs, 24-bit, 48 to 96kHz stereo audio

  • True bypass on input1 via latching relay

  • High quality buffers on both inputs

  • 2.2″ 240×320 TFT Color LCD, Rotary encoder for navigation

  • USB port for MIDI in/out

A DIY high definition, multi-effects stompbox platform. You build the hardware. The software is all free, open source, and modify-able!

Building pi-Stomp

Super detailed step-by-step instructions with high-res photos along with customization guides are provided online via Wiki

Enclosures are available for a common configuration and the Wiki has detailed CAD drawings for helping you design your own

An 11 minute overview showing what it is, what it can do, how it’s built and how to create and use virtual pedalboards

The many ways of controlling pi-Stomp with sample performance.  pi-Stomp v1 is used but Core (v2) works similarly.

pi-Stomp kits have been built in over 20 countries (yes, even Greenland!)

Some user comments:

JK – “Instructions are clear, precise and well documented so I had no problem assembling everything.”

Pat – “Hey, love my Pi-Stomp! I gig out regularly annd practice every week and it’s held up well. In fact, it has replaced nearly all my other pedals (except the synths).

Tim – “Built this pi-stomp and enjoyed every minute of it.”

Chad – “Had such a fun time doing it! I found the instructions super super detailed and had no real issues”

Brent – “Hooked up to my guitar and amp and was blown away by the sound!!  When you select the different different Plug-In names you really get that sound style”

ZM – “…The end result is super fun and I still yet have to wrap my brain around all the amazing sonic opportunities this little box provides! I used it with my guitar and bass, but also my midi controller keyboard to create synth patches and effects. Amazing! It’s way better than any commercial pedal of this kind as well, if you ask me – since none of the commercial ones offer this much hackability!”

Darren – “pi Stomp is an amazing project, I can’t believe the quality and completeness. Incredible value for the scope of the project, and the documentation and product quality is amazing.”

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