v3 update

Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve not wanted to get hopes up when we don’t yet know when we can release. But I can say it’s getting close.

The latest PCB design is complete, tested and fully functional!




The enclosure design is also complete.  Here’s some pedal porn with a 3D printed sample:





The final will be 2 piece aluminum and look something like this:



Part sourcing and manufacturing continue to be the sticky bits, but I get good news of progress every few weeks.  Micah and I continue to finish up the software and I still have some build and user documentation to complete.  Thanks for your patience.  Stay tuned!

2 Replies to “v3 update”

  1. wow. now it’s a serious contender against commercial gears like line6, neural DSP, you name it.

    cheers for all the way from v1 through here.

  2. Looks amazing!

    Will there be an option of a kit with/without the Raspberry Pi? I have an extra RP4…..hoping to save a few $$!

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