pi-Stomp Core - Bill of Materials

For board v2.0.4

Part ID Description Value Source Price (USD, Aug 2022) Link
PCB Pi-Stomp Circuit board Version 2.0.4 TFS 10.00
Reg Audio buffer supply regulator AMS1117-3.3 Amazon 0.80
R1, R2, R3, R4 Buffer biasing 2M 1/6W Mouser 0.60
R5 ADC Current limit 33R 1/6W Mouser 0.42
R6, R7, R8 GPIO Current limit (Value depends on load) Typical 33R to 200 for most LED's Mouser 0.14
C1, C2 Buffer input caps 0.1uF / 25v Film (Red) Mouser 0.88
C3, C4 Buffer supply bypass caps 0.1uF / 25v Ceramic (Yellow) Mouser 0.58
C6 Buffer supply filter cap 10uF / 25v Oscon Mouser 0.53
Fuse Resettable fuse (looks like cap) 0ZRG0120FF1E Mouser 0.40
Q1, Q2 Relay driver transistor 2N7000 Mouser 0.90
HGPIO GPIOx3 2×3 Male 90 degree TFS 0.20
HPi Pi Header 2×20 tall female Mouser/Adafruit 1.50
HLCD Header for LCD (for top mount LCD only) 1×9 Female Digikey 1.96
HOut Header Audio out 1×2 Male 90 degree TFS 0.10
HIn Header for Audio input 1×3 Male 90 degree TFS 0.12
HExt Header for Ext conn 1×26 Male straight TFS 0.30
S1 14-pin IC socket Mouser/Amazon 0.28
S2 16-pin IC socket Mouser/Amazon 0.30
S3 8-pin IC socket Mouser/Amazon 0.28
Rly1 Bypass Latching Relay DPDT TQ2-L2-3V Mouser 3.47
JIn, JOut Input/Ouput Jacks 1/4“ Stereo Mouser 3.50
JPwr Power Jack (DC barrel) 6.3/2.35mm (not std 9v jack) Mouser 0.68
P1 Volume Pot 10k dual-gang audio taper Mouser 3.19
Enc Rotary Encoder 12 detent quadrature Mouser 2.68
U1 Debounce Chip LS19-A Digikey 3.59
U2 ADC for analog controls MCP3008 Mouser 3.15
U3 Buffer Opamp (8-pin) MCP6292-E/P Mouser 1.29
Audio Board IQAudio Codec Zero plus soldered I/O headers Sparkfun 20.00
LCD 2.2” SPI TFT Amazon 14.99
Pi Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+ Sparkfun 25.00
Hat Hacker Pimoroni Hat Hacker Adafruit 11.95
HW1 - HW12 screws M2.5 TFS 0
HW13, HW14 Audio card hex spacer M2.5 x 11mm, silver metal 0
HW15, HW16 pi hex spacer M2.5 x 8mm, nylon TFS
HW17, HW18 pi-Stomp board hex spacer M2.5 x 12mm, nylon TFS
HW19-HW22 Washer M2.5 x 1mm thick, nylon TFS
HW23 - HW25 LCD spacer (for undermount LCD) M2.5 x 5.5mm, nylon TFS
W1 Jumper wires 3“ (2 conductor) for Audio Out Female - Female 4” Adafruit 1.00
W2 Jumper wires 3“ (3 conductor) for Audio In Female - Female 2”
W3 Jumper wires 6“ Female - Female 6” Adafruit 1.95
K1 Volume Knob D-Shaft Selco 1.00
K2 Encode Knob Splined Selco 1.00
Disk Micro SD Card (Don't skimp on performance) 32GB, Class 10 EVO Plus Amazon 9.02
PS Power Supply 5v/2A 6.3/2.35mm center positive Mouser 12.50
Total 140.25 This does not include volume discounts but it also does not include the shipping and sales tax incurred from orders to over 9 vendors

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