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pi-Stomp Core - Bill of Materials

For board v2.0.4

Part ID Description Value Source Price (USD, Sept 2021) Link
PCB Pi-Stomp Circuit board Version 2.0.4 TFS 5.00
Reg Audio buffer supply regulator AMS1117-3.3 Amazon 0.80
R1, R2, R3, R4 Buffer biasing 2M 1/6W Mouser 0.60
R5 ADC Current limit 33R 1/6W Mouser 0.42
R6, R7, R8 GPIO Current limit (Value depends on load) Typical 33R to 200 for most LED's Mouser 0.14
C1, C2 Buffer input caps 0.1uF / 25v Film (Red) Mouser 0.94
C3, C4 Buffer supply bypass caps 0.1uF / 25v Ceramic (Yellow) Mouser 0.50
C6 Buffer supply filter cap 10uF / 25v Oscon Mouser 0.51
Fuse Resettable fuse (looks like cap) 0ZRG0120FF1E Mouser 0.33
Q1, Q2 Relay driver transistor 2N7000 Mouser 0.82
HGPIO GPIOx3 2×3 Male 90 degree TFS
HPi Pi Header 2×20 tall female Mouser/Adafruit 1.50
HLCD Header for LCD 1×9 Female Digikey 1.66
HOut Header Audio out 1×2 Male 90 degree TFS
HIn Header for Audio input 1×3 Male 90 degree TFS
HExt Header for Ext conn 1×26 Male straight TFS
S1 14-pin IC socket Mouser/Amazon 0.26
S2 16-pin IC socket Mouser/Amazon 0.26
S3 8-pin IC socket Mouser/Amazon 0.25
Rly1 Bypass Latching Relay DPDT TQ2-L2-3V Mouser 4.24
JIn, JOut Input/Ouput Jacks 1/4“ Stereo Mouser 3.16
JPwr Power Jack (DC barrel) 6.3/2.35mm (not std 9v jack) Mouser 0.68
P1 Volume Pot 10k dual-gang audio taper Mouser 1.52
Enc Rotary Encoder 12 detent quadrature Mouser 1.68
U1 Debounce Chip LS19-A Digikey 3.59
U2 ADC for analog controls MCP3008 Mouser 2.87
U3 Buffer Opamp (8-pin) MCP6292-E/P Mouser 1.17
Audio Board Audio Injector Zero board With short 2×20 female header Amazon 24.00
LCD 2.2” SPI TFT Amazon 17.39
Pi Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+ Sparkfun 25.00
Hat Hacker Pimoroni Hat Hacker Adafruit 11.95
HW1 - HW12 screw (included w/ Hat Hacker) M2.5 Adafruit 0
HW13, HW14 Audio card spacer (incl w/ Hat Hacker) M2.5 x 10mm, metal Adafruit 0
HW15, HW16 pi hex spacer M2.5 x 8mm, nylon TFS
HW17, HW18 pi spacer washer M2.5 x 1mm thick, nylon TFS
HW19, HW20 pi-stomp board spacer M2.5 x 12mm, nylon TFS
HW21 - HW23 LCD spacer (opt for undermount LCD) M2.5 x 6mm, nylon TFS
W1 Jumper wires Female - Female 6“ Adafruit 1.95
K1 Volume Knob With Pointer BLMS 0.95
K2 Encode Knob No Pointer ModularAddict 0.79
Disk Micro SD Card (Don't skimp on performance) 32GB, Class 10 EVO Plus Crutchfield 11.99
PS Power Supply 5v/2A 6.3/2.35mm center positive Mouser 12.50
Total 139.42 This does not include volume discounts but it also does not include the shipping and sales tax incurred from orders to over 9 vendors

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