New pi-Stomp 64-bit OS is ready for beta use! New features, new plugins!

Thanks to some awesome work by a fellow pi-Stomper, Micah, we now have a beta branch based on a new 64-bit OS with realtime kernel.  Can you say, “more efficient processing” ?

2.1.0-beta Build/Install instructions here

The install process is a bit easier than before.  No need to connect via hotspot first as the wifi info can be configured when burning the image.

The official v2.1 release will occur once enough people have verified functionality of this beta and we’ve fixed any found issues.  So please help and have some fun along the way.  There’s a lot to have fun with!

We ditched patchboxOS which has been stuck on a 2.5 year old version of MOD.  Now we start with Raspberry Pi OS Lite 64-bit.  That allows us to update to the latest 64-bit version of MOD including all of its new features and plugins.

This beta build includes 650 plugins!   Including:

  • Some great new amp simulators (FatFrog, GxSupersonic, GxSVT, GxVBassPreamp, GxJCM800, VibroChump, MesaDC3)
  • 4 super unique effects from (Avacado, Mud, Paranoia and Floaty)
  • 42 quality guitar/bass oriented effects from Rakarrack
  • Studio grade effects from x42 and Tal
  • A few dozen new Synth (Generator) and MIDI plugins
  • A few hundred other toys that I’ve not even tried yet

We finally have the ability to load 3rd party Impulse Responses!  Yes, you can now get the tone of a cranked Marshall stack without the hearing damage or pissed off neighbors.  Or recreate the reverb/ambience of most any space in the world.  Elvis’ bathroom? Sure!  Ok, maybe not Elvis Presley’s, but the bathroom of a guy whose wife calls him Elvis when he sings in the shower.    Read all about how to use IR’s here

There’s a new plugin category type “Control Voltage” with 25 new plugins.  Yes, now you can control almost any parameter of any plugin via virtual control voltage.  Basically, you have the building blocks of a modular synth (LFO, VCA, VCF, Envelope, etc.). Create your own crazy modulations of synths or effects, or even new effect types without coding!  Use an LFO or “Audio to CV” to automate anything (pitch, delay repeats, drive level, eq sweep, etc.). More on that including a nice tutorial/example I whipped up here

If you do try this new build, please let us know what you think, good, bad or otherwise. Certainly, if you encounter anything that seems broken that worked before, we need to know so we can fix it. Thanks for your help with this!
For any of your friends who might be wanting to build a pi-Stomp, I did score some RPi’s (which have become like gold on the blackmarket in the last half year), so I’ll be making a few kits available in the next few weeks.

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