Supply chain issues. But cool things on the horizon.

I imagine you’re all sick of hearing stories of Supply chain issues, but here’s another. Since pi-Stomp launched, at least a couple dozen times, parts have been unavailable, so I’ve had to switch vendors or switch to a completely different part. It’s been a hassle but never a huge problem. This year has been different. In addition to the odd jack or pot, this time Raspberry Pi’s have sold out. Worldwide. Virtually none to be had for months and some retailers are quoting a lead time of over a year. The pi is the one part of pi-Stomp that simply can’t be changed.

I sold the last of my RPi stockpile earlier this month. My connection at the Raspberry Pi foundation may have found me a few spares, but for now, I’m assuming it could be a while.

If you’re here because you don’t yet have a pi-Stomp, feel free to email and I’ll let you know when I do have kits back in stock. I have 30+ kits nearly ready to go once I get some more pi’s. I won’t be selling kits without a pi because the whole sandwich is based on the form factor of the 3A+ and although many of you have pi’s that would work functionally, the 3A+ is the only one that fits nicely into an enclosure.

So new pi-Stomps are on hold but there is still lots happening in the pi-Stomp community.

One pi-Stomper has ported two of his Machine Learned models to LV2 plugins. How cool is that!?

Two others are working on pi-Stomp-like hardware for acoustic guitar similar to the Tonewood Amp and Hyvibe systems:

I’m working on official support for the IQAudio Codec Zero sound card in place of the Audio Injector. It’s just easier to obtain, has a lower noise floor, is easier on CPU and includes a speaker driver if you need it (like for the acoustic projects).

There’s an effort to update the OS we use for pi-Stomp (and modep) to v11 of Raspbian. This also includes a new Real Time kernel and should support plugins not currently available, like an Impulse Response loader!

A few other odd things in the works too. If you’d like to get involved, just reach out via the forum.

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