Finally! Enclosures for pi-Stomp Core (v2)

It’s been a long time coming. pi-Stomp Core was created to allow builders to build their dream multi-effects processor. But since customization of controls dictates the enclosure, builders were on their own to machine their own. We got plenty of requests to make an enclosure available that includes a fairly common configuration: 3 footswitches, 2 tweak knobs and optional Expression pedal or MIDI.

It took a while to find a manufacturing shop to create them at a reasonable price, but I found one and they do awesome work. F5 Metalworks in Oklahoma.

I offered the first batch of 16 enclosures to previous pi-Stomp Core builders and they sold out in 2 days.

I just received 36 and they are again, selling as quickly as I can box them up and send them. If you want one, get one soon.

pi-Stomp Core Kits

So now I’ve got lots of enclosures and all the parts for many pi-Stomp Core kits… except for Raspberry Pi boards. They’ve been out of stock everywhere in the world since the end of 2021. Yup, supply chain issues. Some retailers are showing lead times of over a year!

I’m down to my last 10 RPi’s. I’m gonna add those to kits and when they’re gone, I’ll be “Sold Out” again. It’s a bummer for sure. Hopefully the drought won’t last more than a few months.

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