A new pi-Stomp Core kits available for presale

Sent off an order for a new batch of pi-Stomp Core circuit boards this week. Now I’m stocking the store and should be shipping kits by the end of August. Another larger batch will be available in September.

The new board (v2.0.4) includes an improved expansion header, but is otherwise the same schematic as previous pi-Stomp Core versions.

Should have a nice example build using a Hammond 1590J enclosure to show off in the next few weeks.

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  1. Hello , first of all , congratulations for the project , its possible to share the schematics of project ?

    Kind regards !

    1. Thanks. Sorry, although the software is all opensource (https://github.com/TreeFallSound/pi-stomp), I have decided not to opensource the hardware at this time. It’s not so much to keep it as mine as it was realizing that it’s difficult to produce such a product which mixes RPi/Wifi and noisy power rails with analog audio and not have noise issues. I don’t want my design to be misused to create more landfill. Someone who understands the electrical and layout issues of audio (the hard parts) should be able to figure out the basic circuits I’ve employed (the easy parts). That said, I do share parts of the schematic for pi-Stomp builders when they need some help debugging. And I’m more than willing to help you design a similar beast. For that, feel free to start a thread on treefallsound.com/forum

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